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Uneven patches of discoloration on your skin can be known as sun spots, age spots, dark spots, pigmentation or brown marks. The main factor that causes uneven skin tone is UV, as it accelerates the production of melanin in your skin. Pigmentation caused by UV damage will not appear overnight. Any brown patches that you see on your skin now are most likely the result of sun damage from years ago. Other contributing factors are hormones (from the pill and pregnancy), scarring (from acne, burns or squeezing blemishes) and heat.
At Lotus Laser Clinic we have a variety of treatments available and will tailor packages especially for you to correct your complexion. Depending on your specific case, we package together a mixture of treatments depending on your needs.
A glowing complexion is the essence of youth. Let us provide you with a specialized treatment plan for a brighter, more radiant future.


Treatments Treatment Price Treatment Package
Introductory Offer
Limited time offer
FOTONA ClearSteps (onychomycosis)* $250 $920 for Complete Treatment Package
FOTONA Nd:YAG Vein Removal* From $120 20% off Laser Packages
FOTONA TwinLight Stretch Mark Removal* $270 for 30 min 20% off Laser Packages
FOTONA Leison Removal* From $120 20% off Laser Packages
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ClearSteps Laser Onychomycosis Treatment

• Complete fungal elimination
• Non-invasive
• No chemicals or oral medication
• Stimulates the natural growth and immune processes of the body
• Extremely fast, effective and easy to perform
• Safe and friendly treatment

ClearSteps Laser Onychomycosis Treatment

What is ClearSteps Onychomycocis Treatment?

ClearSteps is a revolutionary method for treating onychomycosis in a patient friendly, quick and effective ay with Nd:YAG laser light. Laser light heats evenly throughout the depth of effected nail and skin tissue, effectively weakening and killing parasitic fungi which have infected the patient’s nail.

How many treatments do I need?

The treatment is usually performed four times at one week intervals.

Nd:YAG Vein Removal